Return and Cancellation Conditions

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New services purchased through Nuvola Media provide a 14-day return guarantee. The return procedure is operated as specified below.

It is obligatory for the end user who purchases the return request to create a support notification for the relevant service / services within 14 calendar days by the end user who purchases the service, and if there is any service he / she wants to return, in writing. Refunds will be made within 7 business days of the end user submitting the return request. Apart from this, return requests are not taken into consideration.

1) Domain name
2) Security certificate and all kinds of software license services
3) Renewed services or products for the next period
4) Physical or virtual server and personalized services or products
5) Consultancy and brokerage services
6) Technical support and installation services
7) Services provided through third-party service providers
8) Rights gained from free sponsorship or campaigns
9) Credits arising from the return transactions added to the customer account or directly the credit amounts of the customer.

Cash Refund: Cash can be refunded for the services for which the request has been made, by the way the payment is made, and to the paying person (for example, if the bank transfer is the bank transfer, and the credit card payment to the relevant credit card). However, the return of the services (license, security certificate, operational and technical services, cargo, bank commission, etc.) that are included with the related service and cannot be returned are not included in this refund.

Reimbursement as credit: After the requested services are canceled and the portion that cannot be returned is removed from the total amount, it can be added to the customer account as a loan in order to receive service again. Credits added as loans or directly added by the customer cannot be repaid in cash.

Refunds to be made will be made at the amount of TL at the time of payment, as the payment is converted to TL at the exchange rate. The necessary return costs belong to the end user and will be refunded after deducting the total return amount.

The end user can cancel the return request by informing it in writing at any time before the return process takes place.

These return conditions are binding between Nuvola Media and the person and / or institution that is an end consumer. Anyone who purchases services through Nuvola Media is deemed to have accepted these policies in advance.

You must log in to the Nuvola Media customer panel and create a cancellation request from the page of the relevant product you want to cancel, with your username and password for any product or service you have purchased through Nuvola Media.

While you are making a cancellation request, you will be presented at the end of the deadline or immediately. In the cancellation requests sent at the end of the period, the service will remain active until the end of the service period and the service will not be irreversibly canceled and invoiced at the end of the service period. In cancellation requests that you send with the immediate option, billing will not be made for the relevant service and the service will be irrevocably canceled on the same day.

All the products and services we sell are services purchased with the repeated process, and unless you send a cancellation request, the system will send you a proforma invoice and related reminder emails.

The refund requests to be written on the reason for cancellation given during the cancellation process will not be taken into consideration. Return requests can also be submitted in the form of a new support ticket to be opened to the accounting department via the support notification.

The cancellation and return processes are different from each other, the cancellation process states that you will not use the service in the next period and you do not want to create a new invoice, and the return process states that you return the purchased product and request a refund at the same time.

Your credits in your account will automatically pay your invoices that will occur, so the users will need to turn off the auto-renewal feature of the services they cannot renew at the end of their periods (auto-renewal feature can be activated / deactivated from the related service page), otherwise, if you have a credit in your services account, it will be automatically renewed and this process is not possible to refund. .